About Arturo

Arturo Publishing was founded in 2009 by Uro Laine, born in Finland, moved to New York with his family
when he was five, and later in life attended a few art schools in the nineties. He was not too pleased with his own results, so he started a small gallery with some of the artwork he had been collecting through the years. But thanks to some very special items, like a napkin with a drawing made by Picasso, he drew some attention to his small exhibitions. That led him to some important contacts for the future, and that’s where he met Andy Whorewal for instance, in 2007. Uro helped Andy to exhibit his works on numerous occasions and was responsible for Andys break with the “Defining Women” project.



Poster for “Defining Women”


He used to be called ArtUro in school, as he was very interested in graphic design and artwork. Today Arturo Publishing seems to have a bright future, making his passion for many different art forms public all over the world. As of today, 10 books has been published, and the 10th is the new double book about the both sides of the model, The Reflective Pauline O’Neil.It is not much time left but it will hopefully be launched at the Gothenburg Book Fair that starts the 28th of September.