Joseph P Lutz

Joseph P Lutz was born in Berlin in 1897. At 17
he started as an for a local portrait photographer,
Zoltan Gahl, a Rumanian refugee. He stayed with
Zoltan for 10 years. During these years he met a
lot of Zoltans artistic friends, among them
a young Otto Dix, whose art turned Jospehs world
upside down.
In 1928 he started his first studio and began
to work as a portrait photographer. He had by
then got really interested in lighting, this after
being exposed to some of the works by Baron de Meyer,
who’s strong backlighting and soft focus had a strong
impact on him.
Also Steichens elegance was a big influence.
It was during this time he got introduced to the
artists in the Cabare Pyramide and made all their
promotional and publicity photos.