Sven Boqvist -Paris &Cote d’Azur

In 1957 Sven Boqvist decided to spend his holiday in
Paris France. His decision was based on a whole set
of circumstances. As he was in New York
the year before, he got to know many interesting
people there. Among them, the people at the Framed
Fame Studios in Manhattan. Later that year they
worked on a film musical called Hello Paris!,
featuring Julia Weston and some dance scenes
with Svens favorite subject, Tatiana Baronova.
This movie had been entered to the Cannes Film
Festival 1957.
This led him to be close to a dramatic mix of
events, with the director Herman Steinberg , the
hope to meet Irving Penn, but mr Penn did not come
until September to shoot Picasso in Cannes,
Ingmar Bergman’s The seventh Seal that got the
Jury Special Price and a romance with Tatiana.