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In 1963 Manini started what now is called the GPS Fashion. He wanted to include famous buildings or designs on his dresses, but did not want to use only ink silhouettes as he wanted something original and more fashionable. So he reversed the process and DELETED the shape of the object from the dress and let the skin of the model be part of the famous shape.

Here is an example on Pauline O’Neils dress, with a unique stylistic Eiffel Tower Shape, with an exclusive fabric combination.

The full Manini site is coming soon!

Until then some basic information and the news about the first of the three books about the Manini journey thru the times.

Below are some samples thru the times.

Manini © is a very small family fashion company that started in Rome, 1946. One of the main purposes was to provide specially designed clothing for movies and also to show their 365 Couture (  once a year Manini had three complete outfits that was exposed at Augerau Central in Paris, and auctioned. 50% of the profits went to a new benefit every year. 

The designs of the 365 couture where successful and made it possible to produce them for the general public, after 365 days so the original was unique for a year.

Manini has been working with many celebrities, like Julia Weston from start, Lou Lou Frankenheimer, Tatiana Baronova, Pauline Collins and many more. Walter Oratzio Manini was born in Rome, 1926. His parents both worked at the Viola Crostateria, next to Davide Cenci’s fashion store at Centro Storico in Rome. And that is where Manini’s passion for fashion started when he was 9 and saw Goffredo Alessandrini come out from the Storico store in a suit that looked so special that Manini would dream about it every night for a long time. In school, he asked to join the girls sewing class, to learn how to make a suit like that. That resulted in both being bullied and a suit that did not match his ideal in any way. The methods he had learned was not good enough, so he started to find out his own way, by looking at the suits in the Cenci’s store, in detail. And that started his own unique style in the construction. And when he turned 20, he started his own company, with a loan from his parents, who had always supported Maninis passions.

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