År 2004 föddes ett av mina alter egon, Little Jimmy Stevens, bluesgitarrist från Chicago. Och han gjorde det för att jag hade spelat in lite gitarrlåtar och tänkte att det vore roligare att lägga ut dem på nätet som nån helt annan. För nog låter det roligare och tuffare än Per Malte Ellström =)

Klicka på bilderna för större versioner. Dessa är nytagna. De gamla bildrna på Jimmy är inte så bra kvalitetsmässigt. De togs innan jag skaffade systemkamera.

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// Några låtar med Little Jimmy
1. Chickenshackers Boogie
2. So Glad – featuring Eric Bibb.

Sagt och gjort, så byggde jag en hemsida åt honom, Little Jimmy. Den använde jag sen mycket för att experimentera med olika applikationer jag byggde i Flash, bland annat ett e-kort system, alltså möjlighet att skicka elektroniska vykort , Flashfiler som innehöll vald musik och personliga hälsningar , och detta utan något mer än ett litet mailscript. All infromation om vald musik, typ av kort och musik, lades nämligen bara till i url-strängen, som Flash kunde läsa av.


Här följer ett utdrag ur Little Jimmys biografi …

As the only son of german father Otto Bosch and american mother Julie Stevens, Jim was raised in a home with many musical influences.

His mother, who frequently played rythm and blues based music at home (being a waitress at a local bluesbar), and his father who’s musical preferences leaned towards the old countrys accordion music and jazz. So when young Jim got his first guitar at 8, he played his favourite music, as diverse as, Arthur Smiths ”Guitar Boogie” and the ”Bitte,Bitte” with Horst Borst. Soon the american roots music won his whole heart.

After playing in local bands for many years he got a break after meeting Lightnin Hopkins in 1978. They toured for a while with a little combo piece.( Its a little known fact that Lightnin got his name from a woman who called him and his partner at the time, Thunder and Lightnin, when she arranged a recording session for them). Jim got to know a lot more from Lightnin.

Having played with Lightnin doors would open for Jim and he got his first record deal in 1983 for Black Cat records in Chicago. On their first and only release, Albert King is a prominent guest on one song. Jim had seen Alberts show one night and afterwards Jim saw this guy sneaking up on stage, grabbing Alberts guitar and making a run for it. Jim managed to get hold of the guy and bring back the guitar to Albert who was very greatful and to return the favour Albert agreed to play on one of the tracks on Jims new album. At the time Albert had a contract that forbid him to record for another label, that is why he is featured as Dark Gable in the credits.

Due to trouble with the distribution the record was sold only in Chicago stores. So his debut ”Dont Bust My Groove” is a real collectors item. Jim hasn’t even got his own copy so if you DO, please contact Jim. Thru his fathers contacts Jim made himself a name in Germany and lived in Frankfurt for a couple of years. He was on the cover for Jeden Tag ( Germanys foremost blues mag ) and toured extensively, often backing up american blues acts on big festivals.

That’s where he meet Birdie Johnson the first time. Birdie was an old timer who actually turned down a tour with Rolling Stones who he had met at 2120 South Michigan Avenue, the famous Chess Studio in 1964. This was the Stones first visit to USA and they demanded to see the Chess studio, and was surprised to find their idol, Muddy Waters painting the walls ( and not recording, it was not a good year for Muddy ). As an old friend of Muddy, Birdie was helping out. Soon a informal jam took place and the Stones wanted to hire Birdie right there, but he was to pleased at the moment , filling in for Mark Naftalin in Paul Butterfield Bluesband and playing straight blues, that he did not even consider the offer.

Birdie was backing the remains of the Los Angeles R&B Caravan that had started in 1980 and when Jimmy and Birdie met it was a perfect musical match. So Jim decided to return to the states to form the Little Jimmy Stevens Band. Back in Chicago the nem team soon found drummer Mangroove Andersson and bass player Stan Porter. Their unique ensemble sound was there already at the start…… be continued.