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Be aware! This is how the reflective side started and it is rather exhibitionistic and erotic. Image gallery below the text.( or click HERE! )
Although the modeling was not all what she expected, it was what she wanted to do, and she made a rather good living for the next 10 years. Then things started to happen, and she had some really great and economically solid years. And it was on September 28 in Venice that there was a huge change in her sexual life. She had several relationships thru the years and she thought the status of passion was quite normal. But on this day a new theme came, by accident. She was doing a photo session at a small bridge in Venice, and due to a malfunction of the washing machine at the hotel she did not have any underwear to use, so she just used a pair of jeans and went to the session.

The first dress to be used was a light yellowish dress, that was summer 100%, and in a retro elegant style. She changed to the dress in a tent change room and then went out to the small bridge where the male counterpart model ( Rico Messina ) already was posing. So when she stood close to him, suddenly a soft breeze was closing in, and she she felt the wind caressing her genitals, she felt naked, and feeling naked being close to a great male model made her feel things that she never had felt before. She felt things that noone knew, which gave her a lot of freedom to feel, and live in the feeling, without anyone knowing about it. A secret public passion.

This was the start of something that emerged to exhibitionism and sexhibitionism. Also by a dream she had one night, that emerged after the ”no underwear” incident, where she entered a masquerade party at a fashionable castle, and while standing at the entrance of the big party room for a while, she did the masquerade opposite for an unknown reason, by releasing her skirt, with no underwear. It took about a minute before she was seen as a no skirt lady by the others, and then she was thrown out. But the feeling she had for that 55 second innocent showoff was something else.

The exhibitionist part of her life led to the second part of the biography, the selfie images of her in reflective items like restaurant windows and glass doors with very few items on her. She also assisted her boyfriend Eki Voko that later became her husband when he experimented with with fine art nude photography. Now they both live in Stockholm. An exhibition will soon be at Gallery Browalls ( ) when the book is released.