This is the amazing story about Sven’s adventures in New York in 1956. 

Sven Boqvist was born in Uddevalla, Sweden, in 1927. His interest in photography started, when he found an old issue of Vogue magazine, where Lisa Fonssagrives appeared ( originally Lisa Andersson ( Bernstone ) ). Sven was very surprised to learn that Lisa actually was raised in Uddevalla and now being a distant star of the city.


Most of the images that Sven took in New York was destroyed in an attic fire, but was not. Over 50 years passed before they were found, safe. Here is Sven looking at some images, that he had never seen before. Some of Sven’s images could be seen in ads for the italian fashion company Manini, as he was a good friend with Tatiana Baronova, that was a model for Manini in 1957, and a dancing star in the Hello Paris movie, at the Cannes Film Festival. More on that in book no 2.

Svens sister Johanna was persuaded to model for him at times. This is one of the first images he took of her, close to a window in a small outhouse. ( Click on image to enlarge ). This book, The Penn Pals, tells the whole story about Sven, the lost but now found images, the very special people at the Framed Fame studio, the adventurous models, and of course, many of the images he took when visiting New York in 1956.