The Penn Pals Trailer

Here are some images from the 1956 visit to New York … Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions.

Tatiana Baronova


45 degree angle walls are classic. Marcel Duchamp, Truman Capote, they all have them in common in some of their best portraits. You can read more about Svens meeting with the Russian ballet dancer Tatiana Baronova, in the Chapter section. How can she balance on an egg without it being broken?


Nils Boqvist - The Lost Images.This self portrait was made by Sven in 2012. He wanted an image, where he looks like he is inspecting one of his images. In this case a strange looking positive hanging in front of him. Many who have seen this are confused by the large depth of field. If you shoot thru a film positive like this, either the film or Sven would be out of focus ( unless focus stacked in Photoshop ). Sven prefers manual methods. We will present the answer to how he did it soon.


The Lost Images by Sven BoqvistBetty Mae Thornton was a Bettie Page look-a-like that Sven met at the Framed Fame Studios. Sven did a calendar with Betty, that was shot in public places, as Betty wanted something a little less ordinary. In the book you will find more images shot at the New York Public Library, Brooklyn Bridge and other places to get some unorthodox pinup environments.



The Lost Images by Sven Boqvist

Deborah Maywald ( actually a relative of Wally Maywald, the first photographer to discover Lisa Fonssagrives ) was the real owner of the Framed Fame Studios. She had a past of both fame and fortune, but now, she wanted to invest and retire. And to her, the studio would be both an investment and a source for creativity, both for her and the people that worked there.
Sven got the chance to shoot the whole staff, for some portraits that should be hanged on one of the walls near the office.

Tatiana Stretching Tatiana Baronova was a ballet dancer he met short after coming to New York. You can read more about it in the Chapter samples section.


Vanessa Movie

Sven’s ideas for the Vanessa Fantini shoot made him quite popular at the studio. He also did an ad for Liquid Lustre with Vanessa. Here is Vanessa on a film set.


The leopard Woman - Amanda WhiteThe Leopard Woman, Amanda White. Read about her in the Chapter page.