titel In 1957 Sven Boqvist decided to spend his holiday in Paris, France. His decision was based upon a whole set of circumstances. As he was in New York the year before, he got to know many interesting people there. Among them the people at the Framed Fame Studios in Manhattan. Later that year they worked on a musical for a film musical called Hello Paris!, featuring Julia Weston and some dance scenes with Svens favourite subject, Tatiana Baronova. This movie had been entered to the Cannes Film Festival 1957, competing with The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman and a musical with Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn called “Funny Face”.

Below is Julia Weston from a session where Sven met the local photographer Gabriel Gagnon, and could use the lighting scenario that Gabriel created.

 Sven kept contact with Alan ( manager ) and Edna ( makeup/styling artist ) and also with Tatiana as he could not get her out of his mind. So he got the information about the film festival in good time to prepare for the trip to Paris, as thats where their first stop would be, to meet the press before traveling down to Cannes.

A part of the poster for the Hello Paris movie.movie_poster

 The Framed Fame staff spent two days in Paris, enjoying the luxury of Hotel Duc De Saint-Simon , while Sven got a room at the Beat hotel, and that was quite the opposite. But he did not mind as his main goal was to see Paris thru the lens of his camera and also to meet and shoot Tatiana …

  The second night in Paris, Sven went to a party at Julia Westons hotel and met Herman Steinberg. Due to a fight with some agressive journalists, both Julia and Herman were thrown out of the hotel, early in the morning. Sven could not resist taking a picture of the scene in the street. However, the hotel management soon found out that only the journalists where to blame for the fight. So they got their rooms back within an hour.

In Antibes, Tatiana Baraonova had a spectacular event at a wall by the sea. A very short choreographed piece utilising the minimal area to perform.

She also got got some more attention when the italian fashion company Manini asked her to be a model for some haute couture they had a show for in Cannes.


Julia at the beach. Showing off, in front of a herd of photographers.