Andy Whorewal was not born in New York City, a windy night, in 1956. Neither is his upbringing something to talk about. Silence will say more.

The eyes will guide you.

And its not  in a brush stroke. As individiuals we have our own lives, but when put together other things do form.

Andy Whorewal is a very private artist, and made his first public appearence in 2011, at his first exhibition, Defining Women. Paintings of letters, that in agraphic way define the shape of women, not by words. The posters for the exhibition can be seen below …


The exhibition was a success and many projects has been made since.

The book about Andy Whorewal and the new NonStopArt are at …  Arturo Publishing.


He has now finished a small contribution to a photographic project called Perotica, by a Swedish photographer Pelle Piano . Two very odd pieces on canvas.


The dates are not set yet for the exhibition, but it will appear in Stockholm.