Andy is now working on a new concept, parts of cities that he has visited.
Here is an example, a street in Venice.

The latest project was to make paintings of some legendary
musicians, like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and four more.
Here are som samples ( original images shot by William Gottlieb
in the 40s and 50s ).
One of the new exhibition’s is called …

cornelis_2 marie_ansikte

Svante Thuresson at Skansen in 2017.



When Mr Whorewal had an exhibition in Sweden he got some presents at the vernissage, and one of them was a large bowl of Non Stop candy ( like flat M&Ms with chocolate inside ), and he got obsessed with the taste and later found them building up some appealing forms when left on a table. So he started experimenting, by building up images with the form of the digitilized Non Stop candy. So here are some examples. The first name of the exhibition was Squint, as that procedure makes the animals more natural. When viewed close, there is only a cluster of Non Stop.

bulldog duva ekorre hoghushunden  valp_guld


This exhibition is built on his perception of music. Making the eyes see what you hear.